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Build your own system with State-of-the-Art features that fits your Operations and requirements. A full system with your logo, design and Identity.

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Customize Your Own App

Build your Own App & stand out from the competition with The Best-In-Class features on Peekaboo Parent. Use Peekaboo Care for your management as a backend, and we will build the Peekaboo Parent functions with your logo, design and Identity.

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Selected Modules from Peekaboo

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Supports Over 16 Languages
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Features that are generally
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Classroom Management

Synchronize child info updates such as allergies, family pickups, contact info

Real-time attendance and absences

Monitor each child’s development based on early years curriculums

A view of all activities & daily reports

Effective Communication

Keep parents updated with daily reports.

Share moments of loved ones.

Manage events and check attendees.

Engage parents with child observations.

Generate the learning journals.

Manage Profiles

Access your child and family information & details

Assign pick-up and drop-off permissions of your child

Keep your profiles up-to-date and synchronized

Employee Management

Enable digital timesheet for tracking the work hours

Add approval requests and workflows functionality

Communicate directly with the administration

Child Development

Add and record the observation

Generate the journals

Track and monitor each and every learning milestones

Provide online pedagogy resources

Billing & Invoicing

Receive and store paperless invoices and the receipts

Enable online payments

See child’s statement and track every transactions

Classroom Insights

Monitoring of the staff to child ratios in real time

Give the parents a view of activities and reports

Showcase & maintain a safe and fostering environment

Secure Platform

Platform is hosted on secure servers with regular security audits

Data stored encrypted on secure servers with regular security audits

Scheduled backups

GDRP compliant

Expenses & Payments

Record all your expenses

Settle your due payments

Manage your cashflow

Calculate your profits

Staff Timesheet & Schedule

Assignment of the staff to respective classes and the sessions

Monitor the attendance of staff and create reports

Center Management

Collect information & data across multiple websites

Automate the records and administration tasks

Synchronize real-time data (child pickups, allergy reports, incident reports, attendance)

Switch your childcare
center to Digital

Move from pen-and-paper to digitizing all your business processes

Handle day-to-day activities and advance business objectives.

Store and manage data easily

Absence records, daily reports, incident reports, and child information, etc.

Opt for a billing software

Paperless invoicing, producing receipts, and automatic payments.

Choose Peekaboo an All-in-one platform

Instead of using several apps, adopt one central software suite that can handle every need that arises.

Peekaboo encourages distinguishing the various elements of each aspects and also diving down to the subject matter and issues within the general fields of learning and education.

Implement in any pre-school or early childhood context, whether you're a kindergarten, nursery, montessori, or part of a bigger group. Our features are specifically intended to work for everyone, regardless of where they work or their level of expertise.


Through us, personalizing an institution's curriculum and framework is an effortless and expeditious task with, where one can determine their own redundant functionalities.

The Curriculum Module that is both open and dynamic, keep track of the timetable and plan each child's subject matter and theme. In specialized and personalized settings, each institution may develop its own program system.

Why Choose Peekaboo

With our all-in-one platform, preschools, nurseries, daycare centers, and kindergartens can run all types of operations online easily and efficiently. Attendance monitoring, daily reporting, child profiling and development, Media sharing, unlimited document storage, e-learning tools and journals, fees management, gap analysis and much more are just some of our integrated system features. Our key unique feature is the ability to choose from a variety of week numbers and hourly sessions, with prices computed automatically.

Get access to the best tools to improve your enrollment flow

Boost parents satisfaction using the parent portal

Increase educators productivity with tools at their fingertips

Reduce admin time significantly with the central dashboard

Increase your operational efficiency and the profitability

Easily automate all processes with customizable features

Boosted Parents Engagement

Reduced Administrative Strain

Tracked Children Progress

Analyzed Performance

Educated Management Decisions

Customised Unique Features

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Peekaboo is Capable of Deploying a Variety of Curriculum , And the Fundamental Frameworks of Each